Cheever Racing IPS Team Shows Speed at Indy, Chris Festa 3rd Fastest Time of 19 Drivers

Cheever Racing's, Chris Festa continued to show the speed that almost won the opening event for him and his teammate, Nick Bussell in Homestead by posting the 3rd fastest time out of 19 participating drivers in the Open Test at Indianapolis Motorspeedway. Chris ran consistently in the top three drivers all day with comparable times to all other top competitors. Nick Bussell, the team's other driver, spent the day trying alternative set up approaches and ran a few tenths off of Chris' times.

"We had a great day testing," said Chris, "the car ran top 3 all day and was comfortable regardless of changes we made and our times never dipped. The team put a solid and consistent package on the track that ran comparable lap times in all conditions, running alone or in traffic. For a new team, it was great to see us continue the speed we showed in Homestead that almost won the race. We are so lucky with the talent here and the bulletproof cars that Butch and the guys are giving us every time out. It's really cool when a team works this well"

"Chris and Nick ran the cars beautifully all day.", said Butch Winkle, Cheever racing's IPS Team Manager, " They worked well with the engineers, trying new set ups and we learned a lot. As a Team, we are really pleased that we were so fast right out of the box."

"The cars were great," said Nick Bussell, "and we tried a lot of different combinations. With what Chris learned and what we tried on my car, the engineers have some real data to take our package to the next level. The entire team is working so well together and we're getting real value from the two cars. There is still a lot we need to learn, but this team is great and done a fantastic job of putting a competitive package on the track."