Chris Festa, 20 Year Old, Atlanta native Completes IndyCar Rookie Test at an average of 206 miles per hour.

Kansas City: Monday, under the critical eye of 3 time Indianapolis 500 winner, Johnny Rutherford and team owner/Indy 500 winner Eddie Cheever; Chris tested the IndyCar at speeds averaging over 206 miles per hour (top speeds exceeded 212 mph. After only 20 orientation laps in the 750 horsepower IndyCar, Johnny said, "looks good, cut him loose". Within 5 laps, Chris was running consistently in the 206 miles per hour range. Johnny said that Chris was in command of the car, consistent and comfortable and gave him a "well done".  Eddie Cheever, Chris' team owner echoed the sentiment and said that he thought Chris, "did very well for his first time in the car".  It appeared the crew also felt very positive about the young driver's performance getting up to speed in only 25 laps. Below are the Team's press release and link to an article/pictures by the Indy Racing League:


Festa takes next stepping stone by completing IndyCar Series rookie test

KANSAS CITY, Kan., June 13, 2006 -- Chris Festa took his next step forward in his open-wheel racing career by completing his IndyCar Series rookie test at Kansas Speedway late Monday afternoon.

In warm and humid weather conditions, Festa successfully completed three phases of the test which had him gradually increase his top speed from 185 to 206 mph.

"The sensation of driving the Indy car is not too different from the Pro Series car," said Festa about his first time driving the Indy car. "It is just bigger, heavier and has a lot more downforce.

"Now that I have had the chance to drive the Indy car," Festa continued, "I am more convinced that the Pro car is a great training ground. You can easily transition from car to car."

Indy Racing League representative Johnny Rutherford observed the test along with team owner Eddie Cheever Jr.

"I think he did very well for his first time," Cheever said.

Festa, has six top five finishes and 11 top-10 finishes in Indy Pro Series events, including a second at Phoenix and third at Indianapolis in the Liberty Challenge on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway road course.

For more information, contact Heather Handley at 317-713-6980 or John Festa at 404-307-6598.